It was a fine, beautiful day. The traffic is moving along continuously, the sun is shining brightly until suddenly, there is a small rock smack in your windshield, just precisely in your line of view. You did not see the projectile caused this rock either going or coming however, as your heartbeat and composure returns to normal level, the sad truth still sinks in. You are going to have your car windshield completely replaced. This means that dealing with a professional and highly reputable auto glass company, being without your vehicle for one or two days, having a potentially leaky car windshield and risking higher insurance policies.

It does not actually have to be that way, though. As a matter of fact, a cracked or damaged windshield can occur at any given time however, fixing the damage or crack all by yourself is simpler than you think. Just a little patience and time are the only additional investments you need to do as well as some small products that usually would cost you only for 10 dollars or less.

It is all worth considering since some insurance premiums will not cover even just a chipped windshield glass. On average, it would cost you about at least 250 dollars but repairs for luxury or premium cars can be way more expensive, potentially topping one thousand dollars. Of course, you may be able to lower or raise the seat an inch so that you did not have to look through that chip and it is sometimes a very effective strategy- small cracks or chips can sometimes propagate into bigger ones in a blink of an eye, and damaged auto glass can be a safety problem since it weakens its ability to withstand to future projectiles.

Then, water will find its path and penetrates through the chip which is pulled in by the surface tension. Once the chip goes through the top lamination, moisture which gets that deep may delaminate the auto glass from the middle membrane. The membrane will fog eventually causing a bigger blemish. Not only that, water can also freeze in the chip or crack, which causes a bigger flaw or even crack formation. Lastly, water may carry dirt and dust which can potentially get stuck into the crack. There is no way to flushing the dirt out if that happens and none of these are attractive or positive propositions.

However, before you panic, drive safely home and take your magnifying glass out and have a closer look at the new chip. It may be possible to repair a small chip instead of totally replacing the windshield simply by just injecting an acrylic compound or epoxy into the chip in order to serve as a filler or adhesive. Do this step as early as possible and you will save yourself some headaches and peace of mind. However, not all chips are repairable, nor all blemishes can be entirely erased. Just do the best procedure possible and live with the results. Contact auto glass repair Newark NJ for more information.