Windshields aren’t just for looks – they’re specifically made to protect us from the harmful elements outside and at the same time, save our lives in the event of an unwanted accident. As a matter of fact, windshields keep you and your passengers from flying out of your car as well as prevent the roof of the vehicle from caving in on your passengers inside the car in times of major collisions. But despite their essential part, they’re one of those things people forget about until they get damaged.

Subconsciously, you always expect these things to perform their job, thus, forget that car windshields, like anything else, require proper maintenance and care in order to keep in good working condition. The following are some of the most important tips for maintaining your car windshield with the help of auto glass Newark NJ:

1. Avoid Slamming the Doors of Your Car

Slamming the door of your car too hard can cause severe vibrations within your car which, in the long run, may cause the side of the windshield to come off track. In addition to that, you should avoid this habit, most especially if your windshield already has small chips or cracks which you have not repaired yet because they will definitely spread every time the door is slammed, little by little.

2. If Possible, Do Not Park in Areas Where There’s Direct Sunlight

Always consider to park in shaded places if you can. Long direct sunlight exposure will only reduce the lifespan of your car windshield. Aside from that, ultraviolet rays damage the structural integrity and tint of your windows over time. Also, small chips worsen when there’s a significant temperature difference between the outside and inside of your vehicle. Therefore, park in a shaded garage if possible or find an area that has big trees.

3. Get Small Chips Fixed as Soon as Possible

You are driving and in an instant, a small pebble flies and hits your windshield. It occurs so fast that there’s no time for you to process what really just happened. Then, you find a chip in your windshield.

People usually ignore small chips in their windshield. Most chips cannot be completely removed from your windshield however, you can just minimize and contain the damage. Thus, small chips can actually be filled with a unique resin which will prevent it from becoming even bigger. If this happens to you, you should go and have this small chip in your windshield fixed. You could save a significant amount of money for not letting the chip grow bigger and irreversible. Once the small chip becomes irreversible or can’t be repaired at all, you need to replace the entire windshield and this would cost you big time.

4. Clean and Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Scratches on your windshield probably came from sand and dirt particles which have accumulated in your wipers. Your rear and front wipers need to be cleaned, inspected and replaced (if necessary) every 3 months or so.